Spring Unsprung - Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe

The Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe, which also goes under the alias of the Mad Hatter's Hat & Tea Shoppe, is a café establishment run by the Mad Hatter alongside his daughter Maddie. It is a rather densely populated hangout among the villagers of Book End in the kingdom of Ever After.


Visually, the tea shop is a lively and hectic place with a teacup structure as roofs, curved windows, and outdoor tables with teacups serving as shades. Inside the shop, there are clocks that are inaccurate time-tellers that may set off, portals which transports to other universes, and a kitchen. More often than not, there are occasional floating teacups and objects.


Chapter 2


Blondie Lockes announces that the next show on her MirroCast she'll be reviewing next is the Mad Hatter's Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe. This startles Madeline, but her friends reassure her that they'll tone down the wonder for a good review. When Blondie enters, she is underwhelmed and Maddie catches wind of Blondie's intent. She reverts the tea shop back to normal and they get a good review. Once Upon a Table The O'Hair twins go to the tea shop for tea where Holly urges Poppy to tell her what's on her mind. Before Poppy can speak, several clocks start ringing in unison, drowning out Poppy's voice. O'Hair's Split Ends Kitty Cheshire has tea with Duchess Swan. Kitty's Curious Tale

Chapter 3

Spring Unsprung

The Wonderlandians make it up to a distraught Lizzie by making it up to her over teatime. There, they meet the Mad Hatter and hear from Brooke that Ginger transmitted a message in a pie that she sent through an oven, somewhere in the tea shop. On that note, Maddie steals every pie she can find off customers and the Wonderlandians try eating them to find the message, but they are in no luck. After noticing that the Wonderlandians have taken a liking to pie, the Mad Hatter finds a freshly baked one out of the oven and gives it to them, containing Ginger's message. Spring Unsprung

Way Too Wonderland

Per Brooke's message in the library, this leads the Wonderlandians Bunny and Alistair, along with Dexter to the tea shop to get an answer on how to escape Wonderland High detention from the Mad Hatter. Way Too Wonderland


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