Who's the Most Charming Roommate for You? is a quiz that was released on the Ever After High website on July 22, 2014. It is the fifth quiz released on the website, succeeding Which Afterschool Job Fits Your Story?, and preceding Which Thronecoming Look is Just Right for You?. The theme is roommates, for which there are twenty questions from which ten are randomly selected for each session. Each question is presented with four answers to pick from, corresponding to Ashlynn Ella, C.A. Cupid, Cedar Wood, and Madeline Hatter. Users are rewarded 100 gold charms once for playing.

[- What is your favorite color

  • pink
  • baby blue
  • yellow
  • C.A. Cupid
  • Madeline Hatter
  • Blondie

|-what is your favorite animal?

  • A Mouse
  • A Dove
  • A Bear


  • Madeline Hatter
  • C.A. Cupid
  • Blondie


Character Description
Who's the Most Charming Roommate for You - Ashlynn Ella Your roommate match is...: Ashlynn Ella. A devoted environmentalist and shoe enthusiast, Ashlynn Ella is a down-to-earth Royal who is warm and kind. While late night pepperoni pizza parties aren't going to be a part of your story together, Ashlynn has a wicked awesome shoe collection that she's willing to share, and she'll keep your shoes and dorm room neat and tidy.
Who's the Most Charming Roommate for You - C.A. Cupid Your roommate match is...: C.A. Cupid. Not only can C.A. Cupid offer spellbinding advice about how to find your "special someone", but your spelltacular roomie can also help you listen to your heart. And that's just a part of her story. A wise and true friend who wants to help others, Cupid doesn't have her own fairytale to follow. So, you and your roomie can figure out your destinies together.
Who's the Most Charming Roommate for You - Cedar Wood Your roommate match is...: Cedar Wood. Sweet, arty and innocent, Cedar Wood is always going to tell you what she really thinks—because she can’t tell a lie. In her quest to be a real girl, this friendly roomie is always open to trying new things and enjoying the Ever After High world. Just remember, your roommate can’t keep a secret, so no late-night confessions—unless you want the whole school to know.
Who's the Most Charming Roommate for You - Madeline Hatter Your roommate match is...: Madeline Hatter. She may be a bit of a riddle, but behind the wonder, Madeline Hatter is a fun-loving friend to everyone. While she's known for her epic tea-parties, she's also a whiz at Chemythstry and loves making shrinking potions. Whether your story is going well or could use a rewrite, your roomie will always be there for you.

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