The White Queen's daughter is a wonderlandian character who appears in Way To Wonderland TV special.

Lily- The White Princess



She's a pale-skinned girl with blond hair. She wears a long white dress, and a big crown.


She is a polite and delicate girl.



She's the daughter of White Queen.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There


She was the White Queen in the chess table, during the chess class. But Raven Queen is chosen to be the White Queen. So she walks away in a dignified manner, claiming "I never get to play!".


  • While not confirmed verbally in canon, an art director at Ever After High's Guru Studio has confirmed on his Tumblr that the White Queen chess piece in Way Too Wonderland was treated as the White Queen's daughter.
  • She's based on Lily, the daughter of White Queen in the Lerris Carrol novel "Through The Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There". When she said "I never get to play!" is a reference to the original story, when Alice replaces her because she is too young to play.
  • Despite the references, it has not yet been confirmed if his name is really Lily.

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