The original White Knight is the former owner of the armor that now belongs to Darling Charming. He is the former protector of Wonderland.

Spring Unsprung - White Knight reasons



After they captured the Evil Queen, he helped many people escape. He was the last one through the gate. Jumped through just in time, he thought. But then it closed on top of him. He was trapped for ages. Thanks to Darling Charming and Raven's Spell now he finally can rest. He gave his armor to Darling, as well as his White Knight title. Darling Charming's diary


The White Knight wears a white suit of armor. He is a middle-aged grizzled man.


The White Knight is the renowned protector of Wonderland and, sticking to the title, he is helpful to even the non-inhabitants of Wonderland.


Darling Charming is his successor.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There


The White Knight sees where the Cheshire Cat hides the real Storybook of Legends and replaces it with a cursed riddle book in the Wonderland Library, where he live. He find Ginger Breadhouse in the Mad Hatter's Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe and helps her to send a message to her friends about the cursed book, which helps them save Ever After. The Knight then returns Ginger back to Ever After, though makes Ginger promise to not reveal how they got back from Wonderland. Spring Unsprung


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