Quotation1 Any problem in Wonderland can be solved, with the right riddle. We just need to find it. Quotation2
The White Knight in "Spring Unsprung"
Spring Unsprung - White Knight reasons

The White Knight is a part of Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There as the White Knight, and lives in Wonderland, more specifically, in the Wonderland Library. She is a benevolent character, as shown in "Spring Unsprung", where they help Ginger Breadhouse save Ever After. Although it is Darling disguised in the armor, it wasn't originally hers. Since the original owner is resting, Darling uses this as a cover-up to help others in his stead and fight for her Once Upon a Time.


In English, the White Knight is voiced by Audu Paden.



The backstory of the White Knight is, in fact, that Darling met the original one in her Signature - Rebels diary, as Darling fell down a swirling portal to Wonderland, and ever since then, Darling Charming has concealed herself as the White Knight in hiding to battle in fights and to protect people, for others unknown who the White Knight actually is.


The White Knight is the renowned protector of Wonderland and, sticking to the title, she is helpful to even the non-inhabitants of the world, like Ginger Breadhouse.


Spring Unsprung - Darling in disguise

The White Knight wears a white suit of armor. She is tall with broad shoulders, and have long white hair with blue streaks that cascades down their back in curls.

Fairy tale

Main article: Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There


Chapter 3


The White Knight shows up in Damsel-in-Distressing class, mistaken as Daring. Save Me, Darling!

TV specials

The White Knight sees where the Cheshire Cat hides the real Storybook of Legends and replaces it with a cursed riddle book in the Wonderland Library, where they live. They find Ginger Breadhouse in the Mad Hatter's Wonderland Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe and helps her to send a message to her friends about the cursed book, which helps them save Ever After. The Knight then returns Ginger back to Ever After, though makes Ginger promise to not reveal how they got back from Wonderland. Spring Unsprung The White Knight comes to the girls' rescue by fending off the Red Knight more than once; as well as appearing as a part of the un-chess board and beating the Red Knight in a dance off. Later at night when the people celebrate the Queen of Hearts's birthday, the White Knight is victorious against the Red and removes their helmet, revealing to be Darling Charming. Way Too Wonderland



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