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Courtly walks up and sits with Duchess, Lizzie, and Raven.
Courtly Jester: Thank you fairy much for voting, everyone! You've dealt me, Courtly Jester, a whole new hand by sending me to Ever After High! Not only did you release me from Wonderland Prison which⎯let me tell you is not so wonderlandiful, but thanks to your choices I now have my own story. [Giggling.] I had the best time getting to explore the Village of Book End and all of its spelltacular boutiques, cafes and more⎯oh! My favorite hangout so far is the Mad Hatter's Tea Shoppe, for a nice cup of Wonderland rosebud tea. Mm! Poppy O'Hair helps me keep up my Wonderland style at the Tower Hair Salon. And, as you all know, I love diving into other people's stories; so, the multi-hex theater is perfect! As you know, in Wonderland, school was one day a year⎯trust me, that was more than enough! [Giggling.]⎯but, at Ever After High, I'm so glad to be here everyday! I'm trying new classes like Princessology - who wouldn't want to rule one day? Crownculus - all this practice counting cards paid off, General Villainy - old habits die hard, I guess? Heh. So far, that class this joker is most suited for. [She giggles and whispers.] I might even have my eye on a storybook romance with... Alistair Wonderland. Ugh, I've liked him since forever after.
Duchess Swan: Come on, Courtly. We'll be late for your favorite hextra curricular activity - hextreme croquet. Since you're from Wonderland, you're a natural.
Courtly Jester: Ooh, looks like I better count the deck. Time to go! Thanks to your choices, my wildcard days are behind me, and I have a new story ahead. So far, life at Ever After High is like a, well, it's like a fairytale!

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