You chose her story, now watch Courtly Jester’s Ever After High journey unfold in this all-new video!


Courtly is settling in Ever After High quite nicely as she goes through her newly-found likes around Ever After.


  1. Raven Queen
  2. Lizzie Hearts
  3. Duchess Swan
  4. Courtly Jester
  5. Ashlynn Ella
  6. Briar Beauty
  7. C.A. Cupid
  8. Alistair Wonderland
  9. Madeline Hatter
  10. Bunny Blanc
  11. Poppy O'Hair
  12. Cedar Wood
  13. Apple White
  14. Daring Charming
  15. Kitty Cheshire
  16. Sparrow Hood
  17. Rosabella Beauty
  18. White Queen
  19. Darling Charming
  20. Hunter Huntsman
  21. Ginger Breadhouse
  22. Jack B. Nimble
  23. Baba Yaga
  24. Humphrey Dumpty



  • The YouTube title for this was "What's the in Cards for Courtly Jester?".


  • An art director at Ever After High's Guru Studio has announced that they redesigned Ashlynn's hair and tested out the new design in this webisode.[1]


  1. WSCTTFRBS on Tumblr

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