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Red Rook: Oh, brilliant move by the White Queen! Drop the beat, yo! [He spins his turrets, which turn into turntables. His entire tower shrinks and two giant speaker boxes appear.]
Chase Redford: Uh, dancing? That-that's not what I'd trained for.
Raven Queen: That's what I'm counting on! [A blinking platform appears underneath the White Knight and the Red Knight.] Use your imagination! [To her friends.] Come on, guys! Chess boards are for chess pieces, but everyone's welcome on the dance floor.
Everyone: [Cheering.]
White Knight: Let's see what you've got.
Chase Redford: You can do this, Chase. [He begins tamely dancing.]
White Knight: Oh, please.
The White Knight soon continues dancing and the Red Knight soon lets looser.
Chase Redford: [Lifts helmet.] Really? Come on.
After one round of dancing, the Red Knight soon loses his balance and falls off the dance floor.
Red Rook: The Red Knight has fallen! You pass!

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