It's the White Knight verses the Red Night in a wonderlicious dance off. Who will win and will these fairytale friends pass on to the next chapter in their adventure?


Raven Queen declares a dance off between the White Knight and the Red Knight. The red rook chess piece overseeing the match transforms his turrets into loud speakers and brings out his turntables as disco lights flare around the room. The five girls speculating the match are transported down to the chess board which turns into a dance floor. There, the White and Red Knights are intensely dancing against each other. Since the Red Knight is unprepared, Raven used her knowledge on the Red Knight's inexperience to her advantage.

Eventually, the Red Knight falls out of the chess board after dancing and the red rook declares victorious for Raven and the White Knight.


  1. Kitty Cheshire
  2. Lizzie Hearts
  3. Apple White
  4. Briar Beauty
  5. Madeline Hatter
  6. Red Rook
  7. Red Knight
  8. Chase Redford
  9. Raven Queen
  10. White Knight