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Raven Queen: Oh! [Raven goes to pick the book up and gasps at the sight of the pages, seeing her mother in the pictures.] My mother.
Madeline Hatter: But, this book is about Wonderland. Why would it have a picture of the Evil Queen?
Apple White: Good question. Here, set it down. I'll try my new hexamination app. Scan photo. She's got a book in her hand, I wonder if we can see what's in it. Move up and to the right...
Raven Queen: Look! In the mirror!
Apple White: Zoom in on mirror.
Bunny Blanc: There's writing there!
Alistair Wonderland: Can anyone read it?
Apple White: Reverse image. Enhance.
Raven Queen: [She gasps and takes the tablet.] The Wonderland curse.
Madeline Hatter: Ohhhh! If we know the curse, you can reverse it!
Apple White: The curse will be broken, and Professor Grimm will remove it from the seal between our world and Wonderland!
Raven Queen: [She gives Apple back her tablet.] I don't know guys... I'm really still just getting the hang of my magical powers.
Apple White: But, you transported to this meeting.
Raven Queen: Yeah, but...

Raven, Bunny, Alistair, Maddie and Briar are gathered together in the cafeteria.
Raven Queen: To the Study Hall!
Raven and the bunch appear by the wall Humphrey Dumpty is having his lunch on.

To the Study Hall!

Raven and her friends are transported to Beanstalk Bakery.
Female student #1: So, would you rather live in a posh castle or a delicious gingerbread house?
Madeline Hatter: [Walks up to the girls playing their card game.] Ooh, that's easy! Gingerbread house any day of the week! [Madeline is being pulled back by Briar.]
Raven Queen: To the Study Hall! [She and the rest disappear.]
Female student #2: I wanted the posh castle!
Raven and the rest appear in the cafeteria where Dexter and Daring are having lunch. Startled by the reappearance of the group, Dexter flings his meal onto Daring.
Daring Charming: Oh, come on!

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