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A bell rings and the White Rabbit perks up.

The second bell! I'm late! Here, your class! [He hands Raven a painter's brush and hops away.] I'm late! I'm late I'm late I'm late!

Briar Beauty: He's kinda high-strung, isn't he?
Raven Queen: Yeah, and, um, how is this [Referring to the paintbrush.] our class?
Madeline Hatter: [Giggling.] Silly! You just take your brush and paint a happy little door! [She does so.] There!
Raven Queen: So, all we have to do is make it through one day of school? That doesn't seem so hard!
The girls walk in the door and start giggling at Raven's statement and are confused by the floating mini-aquariums of fish around the room. They all gasp as they find themselves upside-down. After a few seconds hanging up there, they fall down.
Madeline Hatter: It's harder than you think.
Briar Beauty: [She grunts and gets up and brushes dust off her dress.] Seriously, is this what it's gonna be like all day long? I don't think this dress was designed for parkour.
Fish: Ahem, welcome to Fishlosophy 101. Take a seat.
Apple White: Oh uh, yes sir. [She walks to her seat.] This looks like a good spot. [She takes a seat but stands back abruptly.]
Desk: Ow, hey! Don't sit on me! What do I look like, a desk?
Apple White: [Worriedly.] Oh my gosh, sorry. [To her friends.] That desk just spoke!
Raven Queen: [Raven is flung off by her desk.] Whoa!
Desk: Get off of me! What do I look like, a chair?
Teacher's Desk: [To Briar.] Ow, hey, watch where you're going! Does personal space mean nothing to you people?
All of the furniture: What's with these exchange students?! They think they can do whatever they want! Learn the culture!
Hat: How dare you!
From the tip of his pointer stick, a seahorse lets out a loud whinny to silence the girls and the furniture. It soon blows its own bubble and hops in it.

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