Wonderland High School classes are not what they appear to be.


The White Rabbit dashes off to his next location as soon as the Wonderland High bell rings. He leaves Raven and the girls a paintbrush to paint on the wall to create a door. They enter and find Fishlosophy 101, which Apple is eager to start. She gets a chair and it starts bickering with her and one chair even flings Raven off. They soon start complaining about the new students and their teacher silences everyone with his whinnying seahorse.


  1. White Rabbit
  2. Apple White
  3. Madeline Hatter
  4. Raven Queen
  5. Briar Beauty
  6. Lizzie Hearts
  7. Fish teacher



  • When Lizzie walks in the Fishlosophy classroom, an extra heart is keyed on her right eye.


  • A succeeding webisode as the next installment of the "Way Too Wonderland" shorts called "Way Too Wonderland: Spellbinding Maddie" was uploaded on the website, though was only 16 seconds long.

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