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Apple White: [From the balcony, she clears her throat.] Hexcuse me! [Noticing that no one listened, she inhales and lets out a loud whistle.]
Tiny: My ears! [He drops his pancakes in surprise.]
Apple White: [Whistles again.]
Daring Charming: [Dexter is startled by this and flings his cereal in his brother's hair.] My hair!
Apple White: Excuse me, as editor of The Griffin, our beloved school paper, I am pleased to announce I am doing a special feature. And the theme is a time of wonder. It will feature stories about Wonderland and all the students from Wonderland who are here now.
Faybelle Thorn: I think Apple's idea is awesome!
Apple White: Thanks, Faybelle. Wait, you-you do?
Faybelle Thorn: Sure! [She flits up to the balcony.] 'Cause it'll give you a chance to rehash how these Blunderland brats got stuck here in the first place - thanks to Raven's mom: the Evil Queen! [She takes out her MirrorPad and starts playing the audio of the Evil Queen's cackle, scaring everyone in the cafeteria.]
Students left and right are jumping of fright, some even fleeing.
Daring Charming: [In amidst the commotion, Dexter flings his eggs and bacon on Daring's face.] Again!
Cedar Wood: I cannot tell a lie, that lady scares the shavings off of me!
Three billy goats gruff: [Bleat in peril.]
Raven Queen: Hey, that's not fair! It's not my mom's fault that Wonderland is sealed off from Ever After! I mean, okay, maybe she poisoned Wonderland's magic, and sure, because of her Wonderland is even topsy-turvier than ever—and yeah, thanks to her the Queen of Hearts is a total wacko-screwball—
In the corner, Raven's claims upset Lizzie.
Lizzie Hearts: [Sigh.]
Faybelle Thorn: [To Lizzie.] Hello? Raven just like, totally insulted your mom.

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