There are a number of video games released within the Ever After High franchise.

Web games

Main article: Games at Ever After High

The below are all web games available on the Ever After High website. All of them are available in the Games and Quizzes section.

Game Link Release date
Finding Forever After [1] July 16, 2013
True Hearts Matchmaker [2] January 30, 2014
Hat-Tastic Tea Party [3] July 31, 2014
A Brush With Destiny [4] August 27, 2014
Enchanting Style [5] November 06, 2014
Spring Fairest [6] February 18, 2015
Run Through the Woods [7] April 29, 2015
Storybook Match [8] July 2015
Quiz Link Release date
Are You a Royal or a Rebel? [9] November 26, 2013
Who Will Win Your True Heart? [10] January 29, 2014
Which Ever After High Student Is Most Like You? [11] March 25, 2014
Which Afterschool Job Fits Your Story? [12] May 27, 2014
Who's the Most Charming Roommate for You? [13] July 22, 2014
Which Thronecoming Look is Just Right for You? [14] October 15, 2014
Whose Fairytale Style Should You Steal? [15] December 23, 2014
What's Your Fairest Spring Look? [16] February 2015
Who's Your Ever After High Bestie? [17] March 26, 2015
Which Date Charms You Most? [18] May 20, 2015

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