Dear regulars, new users, and visitors,

For a while now, a royal surprise has been brewing and its time to let the genie out of the bottle.

The Ever After High Wiki

will go


Our wiki will enter a partnership with Mattel and become a channel for the company to communicate with its Ever After High fans. This means that the wiki will be promoted on Mattel's other channels and receive exclusive content and opportunities, starting with a new front page design and a personality quiz that will be added towards and/or on the 14th. The front page design is set for another update towards September, so make sure to check back regularly.

What more the future of this partnership holds will be revealed in due time, but expect it to be good!

Management-wise, the Ever After High Wiki will remain autonomous. It will remain a fan-run place of information about Ever After High, only with the occasional adjustment thrown in to maximize Mattel's and the wiki's interests. Please do understand that Mattel has no and will not have a role in the Ever after High Wiki's management and that there is no direct contact between the wiki's management and Mattel.

This partnership is a unique opportunity for our community, and gives us a rare chance to know that our work is being seen and recognized by Mattel. I encourage you all to leave any notes, thoughts, comments and/or suggestions for this partnership moving forward in the comments below. They may not all get answered or addressed, but the gates are open and this is the opportunity to get any and all ideas for and hopes about the future of this partnership down in digital ink.

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