Alright, I really don't want to do this, but I am considering making Disney a forbidden topic on this wiki.

Mind that while I am not a fan of Disney for plenty of reasons (that Lilo & Stitch is a masterpiece notwithstanding), but I certainly don't object to people enjoying such a big part of Western culture. But there is a problem when people can't enjoy Ever After High without being subjected to Disney as well, like Disney created the bulk of its fairytale-type movies. It didn't. It has taken classic fairytales that exist in hundreds of forms and made one interpretation out of it as their product. No one else who wishes to do the same is bound by Disney's interpretation.

What makes Ever After High appealing to me is that many companies do adhere to Disney to profit from Disney's investments. Ever After High is the first big franchise that doesn't, but instead tries to be its own product entirely. That is admirable and a much needed breath of fresh air.

So guess what way the corners of my mouth start pointing when I come across people trashing EAH for not doing what Disney did, promoting that EAH is to do what Disney did, and questioning why EAH's characters don't look like the Disney characters (which tends to be a racist question too).

And potato forbid someone adjusts an article here to match Disney canon that isn't actually part of the general fairytale. Like the Wicked Fairy godmother being named Malificent. That's Disney. And for the record, that kind of vandalism will be met with a ban from now on. I'll write it in the rules in a moment. Know your facts before you edit; it's the bare minimum.

So, yeah, I'm not amused by Disney fans getting Disney on EAH. Not in general and doubly not so on this wiki. I won't make it a forbidden topic just yet, but please keep in mind that this is an EAH Wiki and not a Disney Wiki. You want Disney, you go to a Disney Wiki, or create your own EAH-Disney fusion wiki. I don't mind Disney being spoken of once in a while, like maybe a Disney movie piqued your interest for a certain fairytale and you'd love to see another rendition in EAH therefore, and that's okay. But acting like EAH has some obligation to match Disney is not acceptable.

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