Now that most characters have a page and the backgrounders are accounted for, I think it's okay for the wiki to start incorporating pages for significant but unnamed characters. This includes the Daughter of Bo Peep, the Son of the Hero of Haarlem, and the Three Little Pigs together ("Sons of" can be omitted because whichever work explicitly refers to them just calls them the Three Little Pigs).

Not sure yet whether the gingerbread guy in Apple's Tale and the gnome with the tall hat deserve pages, but the Grimmnastics teacher can too.

Maddie-in-Chief - purple backgrounder

As well, while I wouldn't know where else to put her but on the backgrounders page, I'd like to ask the community about their opinion on the backgrounder girl in blue and purple. I'm absolutely adoring her appearance and am a bit itching for some more melanin among the Royals/royals, so I don't trust my own analysis of her.

Every single backgrounder I've seen A.) has a simple design, and B.) recycles items from actual characters. For instance, the girl with aquamarine hair has black versions of Apple's earrings and a lot of girls have skirts that are a simplified design of Maddie's.

None of this goes for the girl in blue and purple. Her design contains a gradient and complex flower pattern, both unique to her among the backgrounders. And I can't recognize her jewels, shoes, skirt shape, or accessories among the characters. Alright, so aquamarine-haired girl has the same fur neckline, but she's a backgrounder, so that's meaningless.

So, what does anyone else think of the odds the girl in blue and purple actually is a character and not a backgrounder? And who do you think she'd be?

Obviously, she looks like she is a noblewoman, so as far as the trademarks go, only the O'Hairs and Darling Charming fit. But Holly definitely has long hair and Poppy likely has too, so I'm not expecting her to be either. And Darling, assuming she's the Charming princes' sister, would likely be designed with the same racial expression as Dexter and Daring.

Bo Peep's daughter, however, currently suggests it's possible for a character to exist prior to a trademark. Looking then at missing fairytale characters and this girl's appearance, noting the fur and flower designs, I'm guessing that maybe she's supposed to be either the new Beauty or, since we've seen some gender 'swaps', the new Beast.

But as I said, I'm biased towards her. Like, a lot. So, maybe I'm seeing stuff that isn't there. What does everyone else thinks?

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