So, does anyone remember the line:

"And also, I know that if I close this door, it will never open again (I mean, assuming it's still open. For all I know the silence is because it has ended behind my back)."

From my Ultimatum post? Turns this is actually what has happened. The officialness deal has been "terminated" without any note on that in my inbox.

After my Ultimatum blog post, I sent an email to Wikia about the situation and what would be a final deadline given all that has (not) happened. They confirmed my worst-case suspision that Mattel had backed out of this, explaining that Mattel had completely underestimated the workings of a wiki and the expectation any ties with it would put on their end. Wikia also relayed that Mattel is embarrassed about the situation and that the company knows it's made a huge mistake. Truthfully, the wording Wikia used was a little vague and was more about interpretation than solid fact, it seems, but I figure there may be context here I'm not privy to, so this qualifies as confirmation.

On the enquiry if the officialness deal could be revived/reawakened at a later time, I've responded positively, if a next time there'll be a plan of some sort. This doesn't mean this thing will be revived, just that the option is open if guarantees can be given the situation from June 2013 to February 2014 will not be repeated.

I'm very sorry this has gone as it has gone and that I don't have better news to share.

On the upside, Wikia is taking responsibility and has offered a number of things to help this wiki out. I have had to decline on most for the moment because I have to reconsider a few design choices now that I'm free (no obligation and no expectation) to do so, but I might pick them up later once I got my vision clear. For now, Wikia is helping with a new background design and they'll look into the peculiar problems this wiki's been suffering for the past month or so. If that can be taken care of, that will be a great help and, while I'm still distraught about this whole matter, I hope I'm not alone in trying to look forward.

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