I've been scrolling the comments lately on the "Poppy the Roybel" page. A few have sparked some questions/comments, so I felt a blog post would express these the best.

A lot of people complain about the whole concept of a "Roybel." However, we knew about neutrality for a long time. Aka Royally Rebellious. I personally identify with this party.

Now I wonder if there even is a difference between the two terms, as to what they mean. The reactions are certainly different.

So what do you think, ever-Afters? Is Roybel just a contraction of the popular "Royally Rebellious" option, or is it a brand new term with a brand new meaning?

I personally believe they are the same thing. I myself am a Royally Rebellious. This brings me to my first blog post.

To restate what I've said, I see both parts of the story. Rebels want to make their own choices. I totally respect that, and think we all should make decisions, since as the theme song puts it "It's our life. It's our chance to shine." This is a paralell to today's world, with some parents forcing their children to follow in their footsteps.

I think if I were in the Ever-After world I'd be a Royal, though. I don't like change, I like tradition, and I follow the rules 'till I die.

It's easy to say you're a rebel, looking in on that world. But it's another thing to actually be the rebel. I'm restating this, because alliances were important to that episode.

Also, with the whole thing regarding the separation between alliances, and your actual destiny, Mattel must have separate, messed-up teams of writers.

Alright, I have said it, peace! Please comment below if you have any. Thanks for reading!

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