Okay, so I haven't written since my highly controversial statement on the logo girl looking like Cerise Hood.

Anyway, this time, I'm comparing the Royals, the Rebels, and my personal view on the issue (revealed at the bottom)

Rebels- Let's go with everyone's favorite group. The Rebels are those who think you should choose your destiny. However, if you mind if I paraphrase Merlin, only you can choose your destiny, and you alone. Destiny is a choice. Just like a prophecy is a choice in Harry Potter.

Also, I see this as similar to a lot of teenage sitcoms and such. Why, you ask? Well, this side pretty much says to me "screw your parents and whatever they want you to do, they're completely stupid and wrong."

Royals- Let's dive into the controversial group. Well, they chose their destiny, and they follow the rules. They were made a promise, and it was broken. It's really as simple as that. One note I wanna make about Apple- I see that she's just trying to be a golden girl ( the high school girl that's popular, plays sports, and gets good grades) and tries to be perfect, but like everyone, fails. I personally symphasize with her. So she has flaws? We all do. It's human nature.

Sorry, back on track. Anyway, I wanna make a comment on the colors. Shouldn't Rebel's be red, Royal's be purple. Purple signifies nobility. Red is rage. In fact, the noted colors mentioned in "Red and Black" in Les Miz, are those colors. So they pretty much took Apple and Raven's main colors symbolize their factions.

My thoughts? Well, everyone likes the Rebels, and I get that. They probably are on the moral high ground. HOWEVER, it's easy to say that, looking from the outside. We don't live in that world. I'll admit, if I were actually part of the school, and actually dealing with this conflict, I'd be a Royal, because I like to follow the rules. Call me weak, call me all you want. But thank you for your time.

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