Guys I just want to know if the rumors are true, is EAH really going to get cancelled this year?, I know this is odd for a 11 years old boy to ask this kind of questions but I just want to know, the reason why made this blog is because of my younger sisters whose only 7 and 5 both of them adore this show so much they've been waiting for almost 8 months now and still no update and notifications of EAH I don't know the problem why they aren't updating anymore but I don't want to see them sad because there favorite show is going to get cancelled.... they even bought and collect all dolls and merchandises of EAH (heck they even cancelled the toy fair this year and my sisters we're looking forward to buy new dolls of EAH but no just because the dolls look different than before and I know most of you don't like the new look) it's heartwrenching for me to see them dissapointed and sad, if anybody has an idea why EAH isn't updating please inform me I've been feeling bad for my sisters and I know most of you fans out there will feel unhappy about the cancelation of the show... it's kinda long but thanks for reading, again please inform me if this show is going to get cancelled thanks!!!

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