Hello everyone!

So, it appears Mattel has released a webisode schedule and we have some O'hair sister stuff, Maddie stuff, and Lizzie date stuff! YAY! Now, before y'all start asking why my blog is named after the DaringxLizzie ship, let me explain.

I was checking my favorite blog, Teatime with Maddie, and I saw this post about a future webisode. It was in Spanish, but translated to English. " Daring Charming is challenged to have an appointment with Lizzie Hearts and eventually falls for her." My reaction? I tried not to let my brain explode. Because Dizzie is one of my OTPs!

Anyways, I wasn't sure if it was real or photoshopped, so I went to the EAH website and looked on the schedule. The  websiode wasn't on there ( At least I don't think it was, because the title in spanish was not translated, so if anyone speaks Spanish and knows what " Una cita de cuento" means...) but there were two others. " Lizzie Hearts' fairytale first date" and " Lizzie Shuffles the Deck".

I'm assuming that Daring's gonna fall for Lizzie in " Una cita de cuento", go on a date with her in " Lizzie Hearts' fairytale first date", and they'll both become rebels in " Lizzie Shuffles the Deck".    

Yay! So what do you guys think?

PS. Here's the link to the blog ;)  ( you might have to scroll down a bit but it's there)

UPDATE: So apparently, Una cita de cuento means " a fairytale date". ( thank you, AF0304). I'm guessing it is "Lizzie Hearts' fairytale first date then.

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