(I probably should’ve made this a blog post in the first place; sorry for spamming Ashlynn’s comments.)

I know I can wait for them to explain this, but I guess I don't understand the basics. What is the point of even following their parents' stories? Their parents obviously didn't follow in their parents' footsteps. Why do we need a "Next Snow White?" Her story is already known and written, why do we need Apple to relive it?

Here’s some previous discussion from Ashlynn’s page:


Kellicopter: I'm very open to suspending my disbelief for stories and I'm not the guy who points out plot holes, but now I'm just struggling to understand the premise that EAH is built on. Like...this is the first generation of people who have to follow their parents' footsteps right? Why do they have to do that when their parents had free will? I guess I'll have to wait for the books.

Parrotbeak: My guess is the parents didn't have free will either.

Keep in mind, we still have no clue who the Grimm Brothers are. They are not fairytale figures themselves, but fictionalized fairytale writers/collectors. Maybe they are the (or among the) creators of the fairytale realm and essentially the grandparents of the current generation? And they wrote their simulacrum-children as the stories are, but the simulacra in turn wrote their children not with the story specifically in mind, because it was taken for granted/not one-on-one applicable to the new generation?

Kellicopter: That's an interesting idea and probably one of my biggest issues. Are they "human" or are they creations? I think the students are aware of their audience, but do they really understand it? And if they're "created", why/how did the first generation even have children? And what's their life span like? Now I'm just going off on tangents but a sound mythology would be great

Parrotbeak: They are definitely not human. They are simulacra. Human-like simulacra for the most part, though we also got characters like the Three Little Pigs.

I don't know if they understand, but I do hope for it. As in, I'd be really interested in a character which story has a message of wisdom, since that would largely influence their views on the whole Royal vs Rebel deal.

And as I said, I think the parents wrote their kids into existence.


Did anyone else come up with that? I think it solves a lot of issues, especially the annoying incest complaints that people keep having about the Daring and Apple, or Ashlynn's relation to the Charmings. Thoughts? Other opinions on my original question?

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