i have been thinking about how the black spade kingdom became lost in the first place. when a spade is used for digging the heart shape is on the bottom and the stem is on the top to use as a with the spade facing this way it also looks like an apple, especially if it is coloured red instead of black. now does this seem like the poison apple to you, it certainly does to me. with the black hiding under the red. poison is used to take someone's life. when someone dies they are buried in a grave in the ground, and a spade is used to dig that grave.see the connection.

in the story of the queen of spades, by alexander pushkin, the character of countess ranevskaya makes a pact with the devil, so that she can always win at the card game faro. i keep wanting to pronounce ranevskaya as RAVENeska. only an evil person would want to make a pact with the devil. 

Raven Queen is the daughter of the EVIL Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. she comes from a long line of evil queens. however her mother is the evilest of evil queens, having gone further than any other in spreading her evilness, not just in her own story, but in other's as well, including wonderland. we know form the story that the evil queen poisons snow white with an apple. a bright red apple hiding a black centre. as shown in dragon games when apple eats the poisoned apple provided by the evil queen with the help of faybelle thorn. 

Raven herself however is the GOOD Queen born from the evilest queen who is meant to restore the kingdom of spades to wonderland. with the help of her best friends Madeline Hatter, Apple White,Darling and Dexter Charming. coincidentally the other colours associated with the kingdom of spades are purple and blue, the colours of raven and dexter. it is also raven who removes the curse from wonderland placed by her mother.

in conclusion raven and dexter are the king and queen of spades.that is their destiny.

although the new book once upon a twist - beauty and the beast, places dexter in his brother's role of the beast and cerise hood in rosabella beauty's place, so i am not sure how this is going to affect that destiny.hopefully it will help both dexter and cerise embrace who they really are, and give them both the confidence to really shine. 

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