So, I've been thinking about a Ever After High doll line that has to do with singing, instruments, music, etc. But what Ever After High people would be in the band-and what role will they play? Here are some choices, or you can tell me who you think and what they should do. You can Vote for people, then tell me what musical instrument they'll play. I have listed people below who I think should be in this band line of dolls and the instrument they should play. :D (and remember, you can pick more than one person or suggest your own, and not pick some people too, or suggest a new instrument or role.)

Apple White: Singer or Keyboard

Briar Beauty: Drums

Melody Piper: DJ

Raven Queen: Guitar & Lead Singer

Cedar Wood: Xilophone

Madeline Hatter: Teapot Drums

C.A. Cupid: Harp

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