Okay, so if you have a tumblr and track the tag or have a facebook and have seen the images, what do you think of miss Cerise Wolf? In-case you don't know what I'm talking about, over the past few days their spanish facebook page has been posting teasers of the San Diego Comic Con
Facebook - Cerise Wolf closeup

Face Preview

exclusive. Thoughts? Imo, she's the prettiest Cerise yet and I hope I can get her at some point... C: PS. Should I make a page for the SDCC dolls if there's not already one?
Cerise Purse SDCC

Purse Preview

Cerise SDCC

Shoes Preview

Facebook - Cerise Wolf box reveal

Book preview

Edit: The facebook page most of them are from are the Ever After High Mexico page. Only the book has been posted on the English, so the American EAH page is behind.

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