Hi guys! (Okay, since I haven't done a blog ever since THDP2, I just want to make this one quick and simple.) What are your wishes for the new episodes coming up?

I've said it lots before, and I'll say it again. Some characters haven't been exactly getting the spotlight off EAH, especially Lizzie. I find it a tad bit odd that Kitty and Maddie have been having roles, even Melody Piper in some cases, but not her. Though she's been there from the start. 

So, here's my wishlist.

  • Get a view on EAH's Grimmnastics team, especially seeing Lizzie and some friends playing croquet.
  • Get Lizzie to say at least one sentence without anything to do with hearts, or decapitating. 
  • Duchess Swan's confessions 
  • Royal/Rebel side crossover, such as someone from the Royals joining over to the Rebels, or vice-versa. 
  • EAH dorm rooms, please? (I'm guessing they're all customized here)

But, the ultimate thing that I would like to see from EAH's webisodes are the students revealing their flaws. Something like Monster High, when almost all their flaws were out in the open. 

Kinda short blog, but this is all so far! 

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