Hi ^_^! It is the second day of SDCC, and here, I'll be maintaining and updating this blog regularly in turn of new events. Since the images below belong to their respective owner, I encourage you to check them out yourselves. :)


It is said the creator of Ever After High will be present on Saturday.

Items of interest

  1. Cerise Wolf doll, the exclusive of SDCC 2014.
  2. Lizzie Hearts doll, the first "in-hand" photos have been obtained thanks to her presence at SDCC.


It is reported by fans at SDCC that Mattel has said there will be four reveals, despite that they have no reveal silhouettes like the Monster High stand. Art of the possible reveals are shown. The Royals who are to be revealed are: Daring, Duchess and Hopper. Last link in the reference section and it's found on EAH Dolls Facebook. Hopefully, there will also be Rebel reveals coming up as well!

That's all for now! As I said, I'll be regularly updating this blog and I'll try to find as much information as I can, in time.


  • Reference to Cerise Wolf & Lizzie Hearts live dolls here
  • More Cerise Wolf here
  • More Lizzie Hearts here
  • EAH's creator news here
  • To-be-revealed Royals here

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