Hi guys! :) As you know, EAH is an awesome cartoon series and is unwinding vigorously and we very much enjoy the new things, but things have struck me, there have been Royal and Rebel conflicts, so maybe I might be able to clear this, I'll write down Raven and Apple's personalities, there has been a conflict between these two R&R leaders. I'll start with Raven

Raven Queen: She is kind and considerate, she sometimes can get frustrated easily, she wants to change her destiny but Apple is not allowing her, leader of the Rebels. (Far too misunderstood)

Apple White: She is 'perfect', popular and pretty. So far she is being snobbish and inconsiderate, because of Raven's bad choice and Raven wants to dig deeper into the problem, making Apple more and more upset. 

Royals: People who don't want to change their destiny, royalty or not, they side with Apple. 

Rebels: People who want to change their destiny, they side with Raven. 

After The Tale of Legacy Day, the rebel and royal fiasco has begun. Some really hurtful things on Youtube about Apple. I do like her, but she is showing her bad side to Raven and that wouldn't be as perfect that we thought she would be if she kept on acting like this.

Raven on the other hand, got tons of supporters. They turned on Apple because she called Raven selfish. Was that really necessary, people?! And also in The Day Ever After, she said: "We have Happily Ever Afters, you *points at Raven* don't." Raven rejected that and threw food at her, of course. 

So, guys, if you are Royally Rebellious or Rebelliously Royal, please help! Leave what you think in the comments below, and suggestions to stop this feud! 

Brr... My hands are freezing...

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