Hi, guys. I haven't done a blog post in forever on here, so I'd like to start off with the newest webisode, "Lizzie Heart's Fairytale First Date". Alright, the webisode was quite satisfying and worth the wait. Although, there's some things I didn't like about this webisode. Despite being a Dizzie shipper and Lizzie lover, I've listed out the pros and cons of this webisode. I'll conclude the lists. 


  • Lizzie gets a speaking role in the webisode, and her voice is so elegant!
  • There was slight humor around the first part of this webisode.
  • Daring shows off what a great artist he is.
  • Lizzie's definitely unlike most of the girls at EAH: she doesn't swoon over Daring's smile.
  • Daring turns out to be a pretty nice guy at the end - losing the challenge just to keep Lizzie's reputation safe. That's pretty selfless for an (initally...?) egocentric guy. 
  • I think Dizzie could work out quite well; they bring out the best of themselves, with Lizzie being an actual softie and Daring being less self-absorbed around her.
  • The description was...descriptive!


  • Lizzie still doesn't know that Daring actually did all this for a win. He could've taken a hint and moved onto another girl... but of course, this wouldn't be called "Lizzie Heart's Fairytale First Date" without a reason. 
  • I have no words of the reactions of Apple (she's lost a lot of people in her story now), Holly, Cerise and Duchess. They're gonna discover this sooner or later. 
  • Why couldn't Lizzie date another guy? Someone who's not already being shipped with Cerise.
  • I believe it would've been better if Daring admitted he done all this for a bet, but his affections are true and mutual. 
  • The thing that bothers me the most: Daring's approach on Lizzie. I don't think unexpected kidnap "on dragon back" and asking her to go on another date would win her over per se...
  • And even if Lizzie and Daring do have a relationship, would they move on when their stories commense? (it would be nice if they did something like what Ashlynn did, becoming a Rebel for Hunter. Huntlynn's automatically one of my favorite EAH ships.)
  • I honestly thought that Daring was going to apologize for his weird behavior when they were in front of the school. 

That's all I've seen throughout the webisode, but let me know if I've missed out anything. Dizzie's an unlikely couple, but hopefully everything'll run smoothly. :) I wanted to add all this in in the comments but obviously that would be a bit much...

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