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Male narrator: And so, as the sun set on Ever After High...
Briar Beauty: [Snoring as pixies comb her hair.]
Ashlynn applies some powder to her face and looks up to a photograph with Hunter on her mirror. She immediately shrugs and frowns.
Female narrator: The students were getting fairest for the big dance.
Cerise Hood: [Sneezes as Cedar applies foundation.]
Kitty Cheshire: [Applies on lipstick.] Meow.
Apple White: [Gasp.]

Raven snaps her fingers and summons ravens as she continues to get ready while listening to music.

Later at night, Cupid and the others plan on sneaking out of the premises. They do this by climbing off a large chain made out of clothes which Cupid throws out the window and starts climbing off on.
C.A. Cupid: [Gasp.]
Blondie Lockes: Oof! [She falls flat off the rope.]
A few students of many run off into the night.

Sparrow plays on his guitar while Duchess swims over to him in swan form.
Duchess Swan: Sparrow, [Duchess takes his hat off and drops it on his head afterwards.] I need you to help me ruin the True Hearts dance tonight.
Sparrow Hood: What? Why?
Duchess Swan: Briar is planning it! [She knocks his hat off position and he fixes it. She prances over to the other side of the fountain.] And if I can get her in trouble with Headmaster Grimm, then, there'll be a new opening in the Royal ranks!
Sparrow Hood: You know what? [He stands up and turns his back.] I am done with you!
Duchess Swan: What's ruffled your feathers? [She jumps down from the fountain and confronts him.]
Sparrow Hood: I, Sparrow Hood, the rocking-est, handsome-est guy in this school can't find out where the dance is! [Crosses his arms.] No one'll tell me, 'cause I'm friends with you.
Duchess Swan: [She puts her hands on her hips.] Well, someone around here must know something...
Sparrow Hood: You really think anyone's gonna tell you [He points to her.] the truth?
Duchess Swan: [Duchess pouts and thinks for a moment and finds Cedar.] There's one person at this school who's cursed to.

At the dance, students are being admitted in via invitation handouts. Some are already dancing.
Ashlynn Ella: [Gasps as she finds Hunter and walks away.]
Raven walks in and Briar signals her over.
Briar Beauty: Raven, over here!
Raven Queen: Wow, Briar. You really know how to throw the most hexcellent parties!
Briar Beauty: [Puts her hand on Hopper's shoulder.] I had some help.
Hopper Croakington II: Heh, I uh...[He turns into a frog.] appreciate your kind kudos, fair maiden.
Raven and Briar: [Laughing.]
Madeline Hatter: [Maddie enters.] Hey guys! Who's deejaying tonight? [She picks up Hopper with the spoon from the punch bowl.]
Briar Beauty: We got the daughter of the Pied Piper!
Madeline Hatter: Melody Piper?! [She flings Hopper off the spoon.]
Melody Piper: What up, Ever After? Ready for me to drop some True Hearts tunes?
Students: Yay!
Melody Piper: Then follow me! [She begins deejaying and mice start dancing to it.]

The Headmaster is busy with a few headlines and Duchess enters his office.
Milton Grimm: This next chapter day saw a thirty percent rise in our semi-magical creature attendance—
Duchess Swan: Psst!
Milton Grimm: —rates, which, [Clears throat.] when you compare that to—
Duchess Swan: Psssst! [Duchess shyly signals the Headmaster over.]
Milton Grimm: Excuse me. Duchess Swan! I'm addressing the entire magical community on the MirrorNet at this very moment!
Duchess Swan: [She paces and dances around him as she speaks.] I know, and I'm so sorry to disturb you, but there's something I just thought you had to know about.
Milton Grimm: Which is?
Duchess Swan: I hate to tell on my friends, but, some students are having a secret True Hearts Day dance!
Milton Grimm: Show me where. [He groans as Duchess does an enthusiastic split leap out the door.]

Daring Charming: So, three hundred autographs later, my quill finally gives out! But, there are a hundred more girls in line—
Raven Queen: Daring. [She taps on Daring's shoulder.]
Daring Charming: [Chuckle.] and that just—
Raven Queen: Daring. Uh, C-can we talk for a minute?
Daring Charming: Of course, yes.
Raven Queen: I wanted to thank you, for that poem you left on my locker?
Daring Charming: Um...I never wrote you a poem.
Raven Queen: You didn't? But it says right here: [Takes the poem out.] "D. Charming". [Gasp.] Dexter!

Daring shrugs.

C.A. Cupid: [Cupid appears in front of Dexter.] Hi, Dex!
Daring Charming: [Laughing.]
C.A. Cupid: So, not exactly a happy True Hearts Day, huh?
Dexter Charming: Why does my brother always get the girl? It's not fair.
C.A. Cupid: Maybe you should stop thinking so much about your brother, and, um...concentrate on someone else?
Dexter Charming: Uh...who?
C.A. Cupid: You! [She points to Dexter.] You spend so much time comparing yourself to Daring, you forget you're great just the way you are.
Dexter Charming: Really? [He holds her hand.]
C.A. Cupid: Cross my heart.
Dexter Charming: Thanks, Cupid.
Raven Queen: It was Dexter! Ha, can you believe it? Dex, he's so sweet, and cute, and I'm gonna tell him that I— [She gasps as she sees him holding hands with Cupid.] I'm too late.

Milton Grimm: Duchess's believed-to-be-rendezvous point of the secret dance is in the forest.

Where is this party?

Duchess Swan: [Holds her skirt up.] Not much further.

C.A. Cupid: Give it up for Melody Piper! [Melody exits the stage.]
Students: [Cheering.]
C.A. Cupid: Now, since True Hearts Day hasn't been spellebrated in such a long time, I wanted to tell everyone what it's all about. Once upon a time, there grew a very special tree: the Heart Tree. [Blondie uses her MirrorPad to broadcast the page Cupid's flipped on.] And even if the winter was harsh, and the other trees failed to bloom, the Heart Tree blossomed no matter what. And so, our fairytale ancestors gave the blossoms to each other on True Hearts Day to show that even though it's not always easy, true love will always find a way.

From one side of the room, Ashlynn glances over to Hunter and Hunter does the same. And so, to encourage all of us to follow our true heart... [She whistles and signals pixies to drop the Heart Tree blossoms to the audience.] Make sure to give yours to someone special to you!

Ashlynn Ella: [Ashlynn steps on stage.] Can I? Hunter, when I listen to my true heart, it tells me that you're my prince charming.
Hunter Huntsman: Aww.
Blondie Lockes: [She pushes Hunter back.] But how can you be a Royal, and date Hunter?
Ashlynn Ella: I don't know. But, if writing our own Happily Ever After means I can't be a Royal, then call me Ashlynn Ella, the Rebel! [Steps offstage and walks over to Hunter.]
Students: Yeah! [Cheering.]
Apple White: [Gasp.]
Ashlynn Ella: I'd like to give this to you, Hunter, if you'll have it.
Hunter Huntsman: Of course! [Hunter and Ashlynn share a hug.]
Students: Yay!
Ashlynn Ella: [Ashlynn breaks off the hug and turns to Apple.] Apple! I'm so sorry. I just had to do what—why are you giving this to me?
Apple White: I might be worried about you, and I might think you're doing the wrong thing, but I want you to know that we'll always be friends, no matter what. That's what's in my true heart.
Ashlynn Ella: Thanks Apple, you're the best.
Apple White: [Giggling.] I know.
Hunter Huntsman: This is literally the best day ever!
Dexter Charming: I'm gonna do it, [He fixes his glasses.] I'm gonna do it.
Madeline Hatter: Don't be a worry-flurry, let's party! [She takes Raven's hand.]
Raven Queen: [Laughing.]
Lizzie Hearts: Mine, mine, mine, mine, [She takes Dexter's Heart Tree blossom.] mine!
Dexter Charming: [Sigh.]
Cerise Hood: Cupid and Melody are chatting.

[Cerise enters.] Hey, Cupid! Have you seen Cedar? I can't find her anywhere.

C.A. Cupid: Oh! Cedar had something royally important to do tonight.

Duchess Swan: [Duchess finds the secret location.] There it is!
Milton Grimm: [Milton gets slapped in the face with a huge leaf.] Ugh. [As he and Duchess proceed to walk up the stairs of the location, Milton karate-kicks open the door.] Ahhhh!
Sparrow Hood: The Merry Men are simply doing band practice.

Dudes! Trying to practice here.

Milton Grimm: Ms. Swan, detention!
Duchess Swan: What? Where are they?
Sparrow Hood: [Singing.] You totally got what you deserve, yeah! [He points to her.]

Cedar walks up to the original location of where the dance.
Cerise Hood: You told Cedar the wrong spot, [Points.] 'cause you knew Duchess would try to get it out of her!
C.A. Cupid: [Laughing.] Yep!
Cedar Wood: [Cedar enters.] Then she left me a note back in the dorm, telling me the real party was here. [She and Cupid high-five.]
Male narrator: Now that is a happy ending.
Ashlynn and Hunter reunite and they hug.
Female narrator: I have to say, my true heart agrees.

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