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Male narrator: Eh, the path of love is never straight...
Female narrator: Well, it was, until people started choosing their own stories.
Male narrator: But you must admit, this is much more interesting.
Female narrator: Hm. Well, let's see what happens.
Ashlynn is waiting on someone and hears the door ring.
Cedar Wood: [Cedar enters.] Hey, Ashlynn! What's up with the urgent text message? Is every—
Ashlynn Ella: Shh! [She yanks Cedar down onto the seat next to her.]
Cedar Wood: [Gasp.]
Ashlynn Ella: Sorry, Cedar, but I need help!
Hunter Huntsman: We need help. [He turns to Cedar.]
Cedar Wood: Uh, Hunter?
Hunter Huntsman: Shh! I'm not Hunter! I'm, uh, Gunter! Gunter...Guntsman.
Cedar Wood: Is this about your guys' secret relationshi—
Ashlynn Ella: Shh! [Whispers.] Yes! It is about...that! Duchess knows, and she's gonna spell it out for the whole school. We don't know what to do. [Hunter and Ashlynn hold hands.]
Cedar Wood: Well, I always find it's best to tell the truth. [She points to her nose.]
Hunter and Ashlynn give each other looks of agreement. Hunter immediately removes his disguise.
Ashlynn Ella: You're right, Cedar. [Cedar nods.]
Barista: Gunter Guntsman. I got a triple mint hocus latte for Gunter Guntsman. [She holds up the coffee cup.]
Hunter Huntsman: [He chuckles and puts his disguise back on.] Over here!

The delivery goose bursts through the doors of the school and slides down the halls.
Delivery goose: Honk! I got party supplies. Honk! C.A. Cupid!
C.A. Cupid: Ah, I'm Cupid! That's me!
Delivery goose: Honk. Just sign here.
Cupid proceeds to sign.
Milton Grimm: Party supplies? [He eyes over what she's signing.]
C.A. Cupid: [Gasp.] Uh, yes! Party supplies. Um, for—
Briar Beauty: [Briar and Hopper rush in with their hands on Cupid's shoulder.] Our play. [All three of them nod in unison.]
Milton Grimm: And what, exactly, is the name of this play?
Hopper Croakington II: It's uh, um, ahh! [Hopper turns into a frog.] It's called, "The Play That Almost Was, and Then Wasn't, but Then Was".
Milton Grimm: Hmm. Very well.
Hopper lets out a breath of relief.

Blondie Lockes: I don't know, Duchess. [Blondie and Duchess look it over using Blondie's MirrorPad.] It is a bombspell, but Ash and Hunter are my friends!
Duchess Swan: If you don't report on it, [She points to Blondie.] someone else will.
Students: [Gasping.]
Duchess Swan: No! They can't own it! Now I'll never get my Happily Ever After! [She hides her face in her hands.]
Ashlynn Ella: Oh! Hey, Duchess! [She giggles and shows her and Hunter holding hands.]
Duchess glares at them as they walk past her.
Apple White: Ashlynn. [Ashlynn gasps.] You and Hunter are-are dating? B-but, you're a Royal! And he's a Rebel!
Sparrow Hood: [Singing.] Totally awkward! Oh!
Ashlynn drags Hunter out with her and Apple gasps.
Female narrator: A Royal dating a Rebel? That's just not how the tale is told.
Male narrator: She followed her true heart, which is kinda what True Hearts Day is all about!

Blondie Lockes: So fellow fairy tales, Blondie Lockes here to give you reaction to the royally rebellious romance.
As Raven is being interviewed, Apple is behind her running and sobbing into her bed.
Raven Queen: I think it's hexcellent.
Apple White: [Crying.]
Raven Queen: Ashlynn and Hunter decided to rewrite their destinies. What's wrong with that?
Apple White: Ohh!
Raven shoots her a look of confusion.
Cerise Hood: I feel for them. [She takes a bite out of a huge drumstick. I mean, keeping secrets is hard. [She growls at Sparrow as he tries to reach for the drumstick.]
Sparrow Hood: Ahh!
Daring Charming: A Royal and a Rebel? Ha. They're from two different worlds.
Dragon: [It roars and spews fire at Daring's shield.]
Daring Charming: [He drops his shield in anger.] I am trying to do an interview here!
Dragon: [Whimpering.]
Apple White: I'm worried about Ashlynn and Hunter. If they don't follow their destinies, their books could close. Forever.

White Queen: Remember our quiz tomorrow on tiara size and future neck problems! [She gives out papers to Apple.]
Ashlynn Ella: [Ashlynn walks over.] Apple, we have to talk.
Apple White: Ash, this is hard for me. Which is a first, because I usually handle everything so very well.
Ashlynn Ella: I know.
Apple White: I'm just so surprised you didn't trust me enough to tell me.
Ashlynn Ella: I didn't think you'd understand.
Apple White: I guess I don't. [She turns her back to Ashlynn.] It just doesn't make sense to me. I don't want to see anything bad happen to someone I care so much about. [She lowers her head.]

Back at school, the Headmaster is still suspicious about his students' play.
Milton Grimm: [He closes the cake box and puts one back.] And so you're telling me all these heart-shaped cakes are for your play?
Briar Beauty: Yup.
C.A. Cupid: For the play!
Hopper Croakington II: You know it!
C.A. Cupid: Th-they're for the really funny scene where, uh, [She takes one out.] Briar throws them at Hopper!
Hopper Croakington II: Excuse me?
Briar Beauty: Oh,'s such a funny scene! I just wind up, and ugh! [The cake she throws lands directly on Hopper's face. She lets out a nervous laugh as he gives them a thumb's up.]
Milton Grimm: Very well.

The students sigh in relief.

In Book End, Ashlynn peers through the window of the Tower Hair Salon and finds Apple with Blondie.
Duchess Swan: Hi, Ashlynn.
Ashlynn Ella: Duchess. What do you want? [She turns around and Duchess leaps out in front of her.]
Duchess Swan: What do I want? My own Happily Ever After, of course! And now that everyone knows that you're dating a Rebel, it looks like there's one available. No glass slipper for you! Hm!
Ashlynn Ella: So you're happy about Hunter and I dating while my best friends aren't? Maybe I did make a mistake! [Ashlynn leaves.]
Duchess Swan: What? No! You're totally doing the right thing. Follow your heart and all that sappy stuff.

In the castleteria, Hunter is expecting Ashlynn to sit with the Rebels. Humphrey is just about to claim her seat his, but Hunter makes it clear it is a reservation.
Hunter Huntsman: Sorry! [He holds out his hands.] I'm saving this for Ashlynn. [Hunter leaves a small photograph in a stand as a reservation sign on the table. He whistles as a signal to the animals to set up her table.] Hey, Ashlynn! Ahem.
Ashlynn Ella: Hunter? We need to talk. [Ashlynn leads him outside.]
Hunter Huntsman: Uh, Ashlynn?
Ashlynn Ella: I just...I thought this would be a good thing, showing everyone we were dating. I thought it would take the pressure off, [She folds her arms.] but now, everything is worse.
Hunter Huntsman: W-What are you saying?
Ashlynn Ella: My friends are upset, I don't know what's going to happen to our stories...
Hunter Huntsman: Yeah, but—
Ashlynn Ella: [She holds his hand.] Hunter, I don't want anything bad to happen to us. To you! [She looks up at Hunter.] I think...I think [She releases his hand and takes off her flower crown.] we should break up. I'm sorry. [She hands him back his flower crown and leaves with tears in her eyes.]

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