Thronecoming - unamused Mrs. Trollworth

Ms. Trollsworth is the secretary and assistant of Milton Grimm.


In the English version of the cartoon, Trollsworth is voiced by Cam Clarke.



Although very loyal and dedicated to the headmaster and is willing to help him with plans, she is normally clumsy and is very strict towards the students.


She has white-gray hair pulled in a curly bun with blood-red lips and wears pink pointy-tipped glasses. She has two fangs sticking out on both sides of her mouth and has pointy ears, green-gray skin with spots, and blue nails. Her clothes consists of a dark tealish colored dress with a lace fringe on the collar. A bow with similar color to the dress but darker is in the middle. It has a pinkish magenta brooch in the middle with golden ridges around it. She has pink earrings.


Chapter 2

TV specials

Trollsworth fetches a dragon egg omelette for the Headmaster. She helps Milton set up his plan for Raven to take her pledge, as she switches the Evil Queen's gift with a Wishing Well coin. With the use of her MirrorPad, she plays a fake video foretelling the future. Ms. Trollsworth attends the Thronecoming dance. Thronecoming

Chapter 3

TV specials

She attends the Spring Fairest. Spring Unsprung

Chapter 4

TV specials

She watches the dragon games. Dragon Games


Ever After High (I)

Trollsworth acts as Milton's grouchy secretary outside his office. The Storybook of Legends The Unfairest of Them All


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