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The scene opens on the bleachers, with Apple and Raven readying their friends for Tri-Castle-On day.
Apple White: Let's see some school spirit! Ow-ow!
Raven Queen: Who's pumped for the Tri-Castle-On?!
Cedar Wood: Your spirit outfits are the best of the best.
Apple White: Cedar, today we should focus on the true best of the best - can you snap some pics for the very last chapter of our yearbook? [Cedar walks off and does so.]
Female narrator: The Tri-Castle-On is the sporting event that ends the school year. [Cerise races past the turtle and the rabbit.] Here, we have Track and Shield.
Male narrator: And, after training hard all year, Cerise Hood takes the championship!
In the Archery fields, Hunter shoots an arrow at a target and hits a bulls-eye.
Female narrator: Hunter Huntsman is a favorite in Archery. [He hits the same target several times more and all of his arrows shoot the bulls-eye.]
Male narrator: Can't beat that - best of the best!

Female narrator: And the last event of the competition - Hextreme Croquet! [Lizzie swings her mallet and her ball passes through the wicket. The crowd cheers.]

Apple and Raven are looking through the pictures Cedar took.
Apple White: I am so happy we decided the yearbook should show the most perfect...
Raven Queen: ...And imperfect moments of the year.
Milton Grimm: [On speakers.] Students, it's time to grow our Ever After annual yearbooks. Anyone who wants to witness the planting of this year's E-corn, should hurry up to the Legacy Orchard.
Raven Queen: [Laughing.]
Unbeknownst to Raven and Apple, they left behind their E-corn on the bleachers.
At the Legacy Orchard.
Milton Grimm: We conclude with a ceremonial planting of the E-corn, traditionally planted at high noon. [To Apple and Raven.] The E-corn, please.
Raven Queen: Apple?
Apple White: Raven...
Milton Grimm: Is there a problem?
Raven Queen: [Sheepishly.] Nope!
Apple White: No problem... [She and Raven nervously scoot away.]
Apple and Raven: Where's the E-corn? I thought you had it!
Apple White: Oh no, we left it on the bleachers!
Raven Queen: [Gasp.] I have an idea! [Calls Cedar.]

At the bleachers, Cedar's successfully retrieved the E-corn.
Cedar Wood: Got it! [She passes it to Cerise.]
Cerise runs at full speed and passes the E-corn to Hunter who is at the edge of a cliff. He ties the E-corn to his arrow and shoots it to an even higher cliff, where Lizzie is standing. She places the E-corn and hits it.
Milton Grimm: Don't tell me you girls lost it!
Apple White: [Confidently.] It'll be planted in a matter of moments.
The E-corn lands square in the planting hole. Raven closes up the hole right before high noon.
Milton Grimm: Perfect.
Students: [Cheering.]
The E-corn from the planting hole quickly grows and Raven views a copy of the yearbook.
Raven Queen: I love it.
Apple White: What a great year!
Milton Grimm: Fine work, yearbook committee.
Apple White: We hope future classes will love reading this yearbook as much as we loved making it.
Centuries later, a new class at Ever After High visits the Legacy Orchard.
Milton Grimm: Gather 'round, children. This yearbook was from a very special class including the famous Apple White and Raven Queen.

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