True Hearts Day Part 2 - outside THS

The Tower Hair Salon is the hair salon of Book End owned by the town's renowned hair stylist, Poppy O'Hair. The Tower Hair Salon also has manicures and pedicures. Due to her legacy as the next Rapunzel, Poppy's sister Holly O'Hair is a frequent customer. It is located right next to the Red Shoes Dance Club.


The Tower Hair Salon is composed of a tall tower atop its structure with the company logo sign next to the roof of the tower. The hair salon mostly uses its ground floor for styling purposes. The ground floor has a cupboard and several lit up hair-styling booths in a line.



As part of her MirrorCast show, Blondie brings along Cedar and experiments on her hair with troll tears. Blondie's Just Right Poppy stalls Holly by showcasing her new hairdryer. O'Hair's Split Ends

TV specials

Apple has her hair done with Blondie Lockes. True Hearts Day Part 2


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