When she’s not invited to the Blue Moon Forest Fest, Faybelle sends Cupid, Ashlynn, Blondie and Poppy in the wrong direction to the party.


Ashlynn and Cupid prepare for a day out in the woods, before Cupid panics as soon as she believes the woods is a terrifying place to be in. Ashlynn notes that they haven't even left school yet and the both of them relax. Blondie approaches them, announcing that she received an extra Forest Fest ticket for her MirrorCast show purposes. Faybelle overhears this and springs out of a bush, however is saddened by the fact that Blondie has asked Poppy to go instead. Promising that the girls will make it up to Faybelle once they get back, Faybelle acts cool and secretly passes on their offer, wanting to ensure that they never do return.

In the woods, Faybelle finds Cerise and stops her in her tracks. Cerise lets off a defensive snarl, only to find that Faybelle is looking for advice. Faybelle puts herself in a scenario where she is the "innocent traveler" in the woods. She asks Cerise what the worst possible mistake might be. Ominously, Cerise discusses with her about the Dark Forest, before diving head-first in it and running away.

Ignoring Cerise, Faybelle switches the signs marking the Enchanted Forest and Dark Forest. The four girls arrive soon enough and Faybelle flies out. The girls' voices are rather reluctant, however after Blondie notes that they may be late for dillydallying, they walk into the Dark Forest.


  1. Ashlynn Ella
  2. C.A. Cupid
  3. Blondie Lockes
  4. Faybelle Thorn
  5. Poppy O'Hair
  6. Cerise Hood



  • At the time when Ashlynn says "Will lead us to it", the camera pans off to a side of her, somehow wearing her "Signature - Royals" earrings when her "Through the Woods" is supposed to be without any earrings at all.
  • Why is Cupid afraid of the woods when she is originally from Monster High, as a monster instead of cherub? This may also not be an error as monsters can have fears too, just like humans: a notable example of such fears is Cleo de Nile's fear of the dark.


  • This webisode promotes the Through the Woods doll series.
  • This webisode aired on a Friday, continuing the events from the last webisode.