The Through the Woods doll series is a pre-party line related to the Enchanted Forest, which is a dangerous place to be at night. The characters all get lost on their way to the Forest Fest due to tricks played on them by Faybelle Thorn, who is angry to not be invited to the party herself. Four dolls are included in this series: Poppy O'Hair, Blondie Lockes, C.A. Cupid, and Ashlynn Ella. The entire quartet was made available in Early December, 2014.


Through the Woods was filed for trademark on April 30, 2014.


All the girls in this line wear boots and come with lamps and one other accessory. Blondie and Ashlynn wear hoods with ribbons, while Poppy and Cupid wear berets and capelets.


There were no line-specific logs.


Through the Woods is featured in the webisode with the same name.


Doll stockphotography - Through the Woods Cupid Doll stockphotography - Through the Woods Ashlynn Doll stockphotography - Through the Woods Poppy Doll stockphotography - Through the Woods Blondie
C.A. Cupid Ashlynn Ella Poppy O'Hair Blondie Lockes

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