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The Throne Furnishings is one of the digital paper doll features of the Ever After High website. Specifically, it's where users can buy wallpaper, tiles, furniture, and room details for their digital paper doll's dorm room. It was added to the website on July 16, 2013. Items in the Throne Furnishings used to cost either gold charms or gem charms before gem charms were removed altogether and gold charms remained as the sole currency. On top of that, each item requires the user to be at a certain level before purchase is possible. For the most part, the required level lines up with the required currency as they are simultaneously earned at a relative pace, but some items require the user to work extra to reach either the needed amount of levels or currency.

The items available are divided in three categories: Walls & Floors, Furniture, and Decorations. Items can be either character-themed or generically Royal—or Rebel—themed. After purchase, any item can be placed in the user's digital paper doll's dorm room, although only one wall and one floor can be selected at a time. The items chosen to fill the room with affect the user's Royal-or-Rebel gauge just like the items of the Book End Boutique do.


Walls & Floors

The walls & floors sold range in price from zero gold charms to 650 gold charms. Walls and floors come in sets, but they are purchased separately. Exactly one of them sports a general theme that doesn't even influence the Royal-or-Rebel scale, while the rest is character-based with one set for each character. On average, character-based themes are released a short while around the respective characters' profiles and 'Signature' dolls.

Date Characters
July 16, 2013 Apple White, Briar Beauty, Madeline Hatter, Raven Queen
November 15, 2013 Ashlynn Ella, C.A. Cupid, Cerise Hood
March 25, 2014 Blondie Lockes, Cedar Wood
April 15, 2014 Duchess Swan, Hunter Huntsman, Kitty Cheshire, Lizzie Hearts
May 20, 2014 Holly O'Hair, Poppy O'Hair


The furniture sold ranges in price from zero gold charms to 850 gold charms. Most items available are themed to either Apple White or Raven Queen, but there's a few items related to other characters. Furniture is defined separate from decorations as large objects meant for regular interaction, so the section includes the beds, chairs, desks, dressers, and bookshelves.


The decorations sold range in price from zero gold charms to 700 gold charms. The category is more of an "everything else" compared to the previous categories, as it includes objects like windows, furniture like mirrors, and actual decorations like portraits. The portraits are of the characters that have already had or soon will have a 'Signature' release and are made from the revelation photos that are posted on the Ever After High Facebook page.

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