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Outside on the school premises, the students are preparing decorations like banners for Legacy Day.
Female narrator: And so here we are, Legacy Day. Where the students of Ever After High sign the Storybook of Legends, [Raven walks toward the inside of the school building and students are whispering about her.] pledging to follow the paths of their fairy tale parents.
Male narrator: Or not.
Female narrator: Seriously? I'm narrating here!
Raven Queen: [Sigh.] Maddie, you have to help me. [She puts her hands on Maddie's shoulders.] I don't feel like I can sign the Storybook of Legends, but I don't wanna let everyone down either.
Madeline Hatter: And do not forget the whole, "If you don't sign, your story disappears—poof!—and you may vanish into oblivion!" [Gulps for air.] That's a thing you know, and it's gotta hurt.
Raven Queen: But we don't know if that's true.
Madeline Hatter: But what if it is?
Raven Queen: But what if it's not?
Madeline Hatter: But what if it is?
Raven Queen: You're not helping.
Madeline Hatter: [Taps her chin.] Wait a tick! [Snaps her fingers.] I think I know who can help.

Apple and Blondie are talking by Apple's locker.
Blondie Lockes: No, but see, I am totally a Royal.
Apple White: [Shuts her locker.] Ooh! Raven! [Waves her hand.] There you are. We have to talk.
Raven takes Madeline by the hand and she runs from Apple.

Oh! Come back! [She runs after Raven.]

Blondie Lockes: Apple, where are you going?
Apple White: I have to convince Raven to sign the book! My destiny depends on it!

Raven leads Madeline to hide in the library. She pants and is exhausted while Maddie knocks on a door. It immediately sucks them in the second before Apple comes in.
Apple White: [Apple enters the room.] Raven?
Madeline Hatter: If anyone knows the truth about the Storybook of Legends, it's Giles Grimm!
Giles Grimm: Feathers and friends! Together, alone. [Bows.]
Madeline Hatter: [Clapping.] He's speaking Riddlish! He was cursed with the babble spell. Makes him sound, you! [Waves fingers around head.] He says it's nice to have us here.
Raven Queen: Ask him about the book! If I don't sign, am I really gonna... uh, disappear?
Madeline Hatter: Mmhmm! Can the musical chair change its tone when the tablet of granite is inscribed with a bone?
Giles Grimm: [Taps his chin.] Hmm...the king who sings with pages of sky fears too much the dawn that rises with lies.
Madeline Hatter: He says there's something wrong with the book, and that if you don't sign, your story will...
Raven Queen: What? WHAT?
Madeline sets up tea with Giles.
Madeline Hatter: Oh, sorry! If you don't sign, your story will continue.
Raven Queen: Ah, really? Oh that's great.
Madeline Hatter: ...I think. [She sips on tea.]
Raven Queen: Huh?! You think? [She slams the table.]
Madeline Hatter: Hey, Riddlish is not an exact language. [Flashes a polite smile at Raven and continues sipping her tea.]

Female narrator: At last, it was Legacy Day.
Milton walks up to the podium.
Milton Grimm: Next we have Apple White.
Students are cheering for Apple as she walks across the stage.
Apple White: I am Apple White, daughter of Snow White, and I am ready to pledge my destiny!
A key appears before Apple's hand and she takes it and unlocks the book with it. Immediately the book springs open with lifelike images of her and Raven's story. A mirror appears in front of her and Apple views her future self: a perfect queen ruling over Ever After. She eagerly signs the book and the students cheer for her. Before she departs, Apple gives the crowd kisses
Milton Grimm: And next, Raven Queen.
There is a lightning flash nearby and students are whispering as Raven steps to the podium.
Raven Queen: I am Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen, and I
Apple is waiting behind Raven excitedly.
Apple White: Come on! Do it!
Raven looks back to Milton, who is in the background groaning in annoyance. Raven holds out her hand and a key appears. She takes it and unlocks the book and finds her own story unravel, with each illustration worse than the next. Finally her mirror of her future self appears and it is her in chains. Raven gasps in shock. The mirror transforms into a pen and Raven is hesitant to take it.
Raven Queen: I am Raven Queen, and I am going to write my own destiny! [Takes the book.] My Happily Ever After starts now! [She shuts it and mirrors shatter around her.]
Royal student: Oh my...
Madeline Hatter: Yaayyy!
Rebel student: Raven did it!
Raven Queen: [Sigh.] Oh I...I'm still here! [She turns to Milton angrily.] I didn't disappear!
Apple White: How could you be selfish?
In support of Apple the Royals boo at Raven. In support of Raven the Rebels are cheering.
Raven Queen: [Raises her voice.] I'm sorry Apple, but I...ugh. Hold EVERYTHING! [She casts a freezing spell over the entire audience.] Oh...I didn't know I could do that! [She stares at her hands in horror and unfreezes Apple.] I'm sorry Apple, but I don't want anyone to tell me who to be. I wanna figure that out on my own. And don't you understand? I'm not the only one who gets to choose their own destiny now. [Brightly.] We all do! Even you.
Apple White: But, I don't want to choose a new destiny. I liked the one I had. And because of you, [Points to Raven.] it might not happen.
Raven Queen: [Optimistically.] But it might.
Apple White: [Sniffling.] I don't know. [She hides her face in her hands and walks away.] I...I just don't know.
Raven shakes her head but finds that the Rebels are supportive of her choice. She unfreezes Madeline.
Madeline Hatter: Wow! [Comically falls down.] You're still here. No poof, poof, POOF! Yay!
Raven Queen: I know, it feels good! [She lets out a sigh of relief.]
Male narrator: [Apple is running into the school building, crying.] Life between the Royals and the Rebels at Ever After High would never be the same after Raven stood up for what she believed.
Female narrator: What she believed was wrong! She didn't honor her destiny, she tempted fate!
Madeline Hatter: [She shouts and waves her fist in the air at the narrators.] Listen, Narrators! We are trying to have a nice moment here! [She and Raven giggle together.]

In the Headmaster's office, Milton is staring outside the window.
Milton Grimm: Raven does not know the forces she has released. This must be contained before her dangerous idea spreads!
Mirror: [Ominous laughter.]

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