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In the Glass Slipper Shoe Store, Ashlynn is patiently waiting for shoes and Hunter to arrive. Hunter comes in the back door carrying several shoe boxes.
Hunter Huntsman: [(From behind the shoe boxes he's holding.)] I got the shoes! Now, how about a hug for your hero?
Ashlynn Ella: Why, I hope that's you, Hunter.
Hunter Huntsman: [Drops boxes.] You know it, pumpkin.
Ashlynn Ella: Thank you so much for getting these! [Hugs Hunter.] And now, you have to leave.
Hunter Huntsman: Huh?
Ashlynn Ella: Sorry sweetie, but I have less than an hour to set up the display for these new shoes. Blondie and Briar are gonna be here any minute, and they can't know about us.
Hunter Huntsman: Well maybe—
Ashlynn Ella: Uh huh, sounds great! [She proceeds to push Hunter outside.]
Hunter Huntsman: Then you and I could—
Ashlynn Ella: You're the best! [Slams back door.]
Hunter Huntsman: —get some coffee? [Looks around.] And now I'm here.

Blondie and Briar are gathered in Ashlynn's shoe store.
Ashlynn Ella: Thanks for helping, you guys. Now, we don't have much time, but—
Blondie Lockes: [She holds out a hand to stop her.] No problem, Ashlynn. I see where you have the platforms set up, and I would move it 20 inches to the left so the natural light hits the shoes, giving them that halo effect. Just right! [Leans to Ashlynn and smiles.] Right?
Ashlynn Ella: Um... I guess? Heh. Briar, thoughts?
Briar Beauty: [Snoozing on the shoe piles.]
Ashlynn looks at the clock and they have little time left.

As he's still out the back door, his pet squirrel Pesky starts throwing acorns at him.
Hunter Huntsman: Ugh... Pesky!
Pesky: [He makes squirrel noises and continues pelting acorns at Hunter.]
Hunter Huntsman: Oh, it is on!

Blondie Lockes: ...And that's why glass slippers are totally overrated.
Checking outside, Ashlynn overhears Blondie and shoots her a small glare. She grimaces as everyone is waiting eagerly while they have made no progress.

Pesky: [Squirrel noises.]
Hunter Huntsman: Pesky. That is the last straw! [Chases Pesky to a hole in the tree.] Hm...Ahhh! [Pesky throws more acorns at him repeatedly. He continues chasing Pesky angrily.] Gyahhh!

Ashlynn Ella: We've only unpacked one box so far. And the store opens in less than a minute! We're never gonna make it!
Hunter Huntsman: You can run, Pesky, but you can't hide!
Ashlynn Ella: Hunter, no!
Hunter chases Pesky who dives in the shoe pile. Hunter continues and somehow, everything erupts for a moment but all the shoes hit the shelves perfectly. A second later, all the customers run in screaming.
Briar Beauty: [Wakes up.] Wow. So, do we get free shoes for helping, or what?
Ashlynn Ella: You ready for that hug, hero? [She pushes Hunter behind a curtain.]
Hunter Huntsman: Or... how about a kiss? [The two of them lean in but Pesky intercepts their kiss.]
Pesky: [Squirrel noises.]
Hunter Huntsman: Pesky! [Chases after Pesky.]

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