With less than an hour to set up the display for her new shoes in the Glass Slipper Shoe Store, Ashlynn Ella turns to her friends 'til THE END for help. But with Blondie trying to make everything 'just right', and Briar falling asleep, this display may turn out to be a total fairy fail.


The Glass Slipper is having a new shipment of shoes and Ashlynn knows the store will draw a lot of customers that day, so she gets her friends to help her. First, Hunter delivers the shoes to her store. Ashlynn is grateful, but declines his offer for a date as not only does she have more work to do, her other friends will arrive soon and she doesn't want them to know about her and Hunter. Before Hunter realizes it, he's been pushed out through the back door.

Briar and Blondie enter the store shortly after, but they are not the help Ashlynn was counting on. Blondie is overbearing and doesn't get anything done because she is set on doing it perfectly all at once, while Briar promptly falls asleep. Meanwhile, Hunter isn't faring all that well either, being pelted with acorns by Pesky and failing at capturing him for payback.

At only a minute before The Glass Slipper opens, only one box of shoes has been opened and the stress is getting to Ashlynn. However, Hunter, in pursuit of Pesky, comes speeding back in through the back door and follows the squirrel into the pile of shoe boxes. Miraculously, the motion launches up all the shoes from the boxes, after which they land on display perfectly. The Glass Slipper opens by the force of many shoe enthusiasts, who are more than content with the display. Ashlynn takes the moment to sneak off to Hunter and kiss him in gratitude. Only, the kiss never happens due to Pesky drawing Hunter's attention once more. Ashlynn takes it in stride.


  1. Ashlynn Ella
  2. Hunter Huntsman
  3. Briar Beauty
  4. Blondie Lockes
  5. Pesky




  • For Pesky to be able to enter the store, someone would have to open the door for him. The animation does little to hide that Hunter did just that.