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The camera pans from a calender to a faraway shot of the school.
Female narrator: The beginning of the school year, and the traditional field trip to the Legacy Orchard. [The boy students are racing up to the top of the Legacy Orchard steps. Daring is laughing in the background.]
Daring Charming: Woohoo! Fastest, [Points to himself.] right here.
Cerise Hood: [Clears throat.] With that time, I don't think so.
Milton Grimm: Students! I know I don't have to remind you to be on your best behavior, [He and Giles take out their gate keys and twist them in the locks.] as we enter the Legacy Orchard!
There are several cheers in the background.
Apple White: Ooh, how hexciting!
Raven Queen: [Unenthusiastically.] Yay, how hexciting.
Giles Grimm: Today, you'll be able to read yearbooks from untold generations of students who came before.
Books are lowered down by the trees around the students.
Apple White: I've heard of this! Each tree carries the yearbook stories from a different class!
Raven Queen: [She walks near a tree and opens a book, then gasps.] Okay, this is actually kind of cool.
Male narrator: The students spent the morning reading the high school adventures of their forebearers...
Female narrator: ...Tales of the future kings and queens; heroes and villains that began at Ever After High. Just like them, except they did not choose their own ever after. [Milton is chasing after a few boy students.]
Milton Grimm: [Panting.] Boys! No running! Do not use that yearbook as a bookball! [Sigh.]
Milton is thrown a paper plane at by the three billy goats gruff.
Female narrator: Even the kids from Wonderland were enchanted by previous entries from bygone eras. [Bunny hops on the tree and finds her friends sitting upside down, reading the books. She pours Maddie a cup while she's at it.]
Cedar is recording the area, panning around with her MirrorPad.
Giles Grimm: Attention students! [Clapping and immediately, the books from the trees are lifted back up again.]
Kitty Cheshire: [Exclaims in surprise as a book is lifted up near her.]
Giles Grimm: I hope you have had a story-filled field trip.
There are murmurs of excitement after what Giles has said.
Madeline Hatter: It's so much fun!
Milton Grimm: Students. At the end of this school year you will plant a new seed in this orchard - an e-corn that will grow into the newest story tree...
Giles Grimm: ...Representing the stories and adventures from your class.
The students cheer.
Milton Grimm: Who will volunteer to be the editor for this class's very special yearbook?
Apple White: [She squeezes Raven's hand and Raven agrees to her suggestion. She gasps as she steps out of the crowd.] Oh, we-we volunteer!
The students clap for Raven and Apple.
Female narrator: And so, Apple and Raven were on a path to capture the best of times...
Male narrator: ...And the worst of times, to collect the stories of their year to share with future generations.

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