The Ever After High students uncover a magical orchard destined to help them share their stories with future fairytales.


Daring Charming, Sparrow Hood and Hunter Huntsman were racing up a mountain and Daring was the first one to touch the golden gate. While Sparrow and Hunter were catching their breath, Daring was gloating about being the fastest but soon realised that Cerise Hood was the first one to arrive.

The others soon reached the top and Headmaster Milton Grimm and Giles Grimm took out keys from their coats to unlock the gates to the Legacy Orchard. Apple White was hexcited to see what was behind the gate but Raven Queen wasn’t so excited. Headmaster Giles Grimm explained that the students will be able to read yearbooks from the before students of Ever After High.

Raven opened a yearbook and was actually starting to get hexcited. Almost everyone spent the day reading yearbooks from the past. Hopper Croakington, Daring, Hunter and Sparrow were using one of the yearbooks as a bookball and the three billy goats gruff were ripping up pages and making paper airplanes.

At the end of the fairy field trip, Headmaster Giles Grimm clapped both of his hands, which made the yearbooks close and were pulled back into the trees. The yearbooks also woke up Kitty Cheshire who was taking a cat nap. Headmaster Milton Grimm told the class that at the end of the year, they will be given the chance to plant their own yearbook tree using an e-corn. He asked if anyone would volunteer to be the editors and Apple immediately volunteered herself and Raven. Everyone clapped their hands for them and they all took a group photo. It was going to be perfect until a paper plane hits Milton Grimm and the camera takes a picture of everyone being themselves.


  1. Daring Charming
  2. Sparrow Hood
  3. Hunter Huntsman
  4. Cerise Hood
  5. Milton Grimm
  6. Giles Grimm
  7. Apple White
  8. Raven Queen
  9. Hopper Croakington II
  10. Cedar Wood
  11. Briar Beauty
  12. Blondie Lockes
  13. Ashlynn Ella
  14. Madeline Hatter
  15. Alistair Wonderland
  16. Bunny Blanc
  17. Humphrey Dumpty
  18. C.A. Cupid
  19. Lizzie Hearts
  20. Holly O'Hair
  21. Poppy O'Hair
  22. Duchess Swan
  23. Dexter Charming
  24. Ginger Breadhouse
  25. Tiny
  26. Three billy goats gruff
  27. Melody Piper
  28. Kitty Cheshire
  29. Rosabella Beauty




  • When Milton Grimm and Giles Grimm were unlocking the gates, the key did not enter the keyholes on the gates.