Melissa Yu book art - Hopper frog form

The Frog Prince, Iron Henry, The Frog King, or Iron Heinrich, is a fairy tale best known through the Brother's Grimm's written version.

The Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a spoiled princess who reluctantly befriends a frog (meeting him after dropping her golden ball into a pond, which he fished out for her), . In exchange for helping the princess, she promised to let the frog come home with her, but quickly forgot her promise after the frog helped her. The frog arrives at the palace, and is allowed inside after he tells the king what happened. The frog sits next to the princess at the dining table and has dinner with her, much to her disgust. The frog then accompanies the princess to her chambers and asks to kiss her. When she does kiss him, he transforms into a handsome prince and the two get married. (In the original Grimm version, she throws him against the wall in disgust and he turns into a prince. The two still get married.)

Ever After High Version

In the story, the frog prince is kissed by his true love.


Frog Prince: Hopper Croakington II

Princess: Ginger Breadhouse

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