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It is lunch and the Royals and Rebels are eating on opposites sides of the room.
Female narrator: So here we find ourselves, the day after Legacy Day.
Male narrator: And relationships between the Rebels and the Royals are anything but a fairy tale.
Daring Charming: Raven totally ruined Legacy Day, if you ask me.
Cerise Hood: Hey! Raven wants to write her own Happily Ever After, not be told what to do by the Royals. [Fellow Rebels nod.]
Briar Beauty: Oh, please. [Stands up and puts hands on hips.] We all saw what really happened at Legacy Day.

Dream Sequence Raven Queen: If I can’t have the destiny I want, then I’ll make sure no one has theirs! [Maniacal laughter.]

Madeline Hatter: I will tell you how it happened.

Dream Sequence Apple White: I propose we banish the Rebels to their own evil school. [Taunting laughter.]

Dexter Charming: Are you mad? That did not happen!
Hunter Huntsman: Uh, I know the mature way to handle this. Let’s just ignore them.
Briar Beauty: Fine! [Rolls eyes.]
Kitty Cheshire: [She starts giggling and throws french fries at Briar from above.]
Briar Beauty: Oh hex no, you didn’t! [Kitty throws french fries at Cerise.]
Cerise Hood: Oh, it is on like Fairy Song. [Puts down spoon.]
Royals and Rebels: [Kitty disappears. Cerise throws food while Hunter throws a drink, Maddie shields her face from being hit. Dexter throws a banana, Briar throws a hot dog and Daring gets hit in the head with food, but grabs french fries which hit Cedar. Blondie attempts to film the food fight but her Mirror Pad is hit with ketchup.]
Apple and Raven enter the Castleteria
Apple White: We have to stop them!
Raven Queen: I got this. [She lets out a magic purple blast around her which grabs everyone's attention.] I know things have been hard recently. A-and Apple and I don’t exactly see eye to eye…
Apple White: But that doesn’t mean we want our friends to fight about it.
Raven Queen: I’m glad we can agree on something.
Apple White: Me too. Besides, it’s not like we can really rewrite our destinies. We have Happily Ever Afters. [Puts hand towards self.] You don’t. [Points to Raven.]
Raven Queen: Oh really. Okay…[Flings purple food from spoon at Apple.]
Apple White: Oh, my! We’re doing that, are we? [Throws plate of green jello at Raven's face.] Well!
Raven throws a banana at Apple and food fight continues.
Female narrator: You see what Raven did? This school will never be the same.
Male narrator: Exactly. And I think it’s a good thing. A fairy good thing.

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