The Class of Classics is the first Ever After High graphic novel, written by Leigh Dragoon. It will be released on June 20, 2017.


It's reunion weekend for the Class of Classics, and thanks to a magical spell gone awry in the Legacy Orchard, today's Ever After High students have a hexclusive sneak peek into their parents' stories. Raven Queen, Apple White, Cerise Hood, Madeline Hatter, and more go on a thrilling adventure through the past that reveals what their parents were really like in high school. These six spelltacular stories, together exclusively in this full-color graphic novel, will change everything you thought you knew about the Class of Classics!




  1. Raven Queen
  2. Apple White
  3. Madeline Hatter
  4. Cerise Hood
  5. Snow White
  6. Evil Queen
  7. Mad Hatter
  8. Red Riding Hood
  9. Badwolf
  10. Goldilocks
  11. King Charming
  12. Pinocchio
  13. Cheshire Cat
  14. Kitty Cheshire
  15. Pied Piper

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