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In the woods, Cerise and Carmine are racing each other competitively. Cerise beats him and they soon come to a halt in a small forest clearing.
Carmine: [Whimpering.]
Cerise Hood: [Pets Carmine.] Sorry, Carmine. I'd love to race again, but I gotta get back to school. [Carmine licks Cerise's face, exposing her half-wolf ears.] My ears! Go find our pack.
Carmine: [With a whimper and nod, Carmine heads off.]
Cerise Hood: [Takes in a deep breath and runs into the shadows elsewhere.]
In the background, Cerise doesn't notice Kitty.
Kitty Cheshire: [She giggles and disappears in light of new gossip.]

Cerise runs out of the forest near the school. Kitty confronts her while with Carrolloo.
Kitty Cheshire: You beat that wolf in a race! [Cerise gasps.] How do you do it? I'm all ears...
Cerise Hood: Kitty, you can't tell anyone about that.
Kitty Cheshire: [She giggles and disappears.]
Cerise Hood: [Sigh.]
Raven Queen: [Raven enters behind Cerise.] Cerise...
Cerise Hood: [Growling as her eyes turn yellow.]
Raven Queen: [Gasp.]
Cerise Hood: [Her eyes turn back.] Raven? Let me guess...
Raven Queen: Y-yeah. Wanna talk about it? [She puts a hand on Cerise's shoulder.]
Cerise Hood: I just... I guess it would be a relief to finally tell someone. [She opens her leaf-shaped locket.] My family is... hiding a secret.
Raven Queen: Your mom, Red Riding Hood, married the Big Bad Wolf? Don't worry, I won't say a word.
Cerise Hood: It's not you I'm worried about...
Cerise gases up at the Cheshire symbol atop of the tree Kitty was on.

Coach Gingerbreadman: We're running laps today, which you'll find very important, when some crazy old bakers try to eat you. [His eyes dart around.] Okay! Now, ready, set—[Blows the whistle.]
Kitty appears.
Raven Queen: Kitty!
Kitty winks to Carrolloo who opens a large carriage carrying a stag. Cerise's wolf form gets triggered and she runs at a high speed.
Cerise Hood: [She starts growling and running faster than her normal speed.]
Raven Queen: Oh, no.
Everyone gasps in surprise that Cerise is running faster than all the other people on the track. The stag jumps back in the carriage and Cerise stops dead.
Kitty Cheshire: So, Cerise! [Cerise tugs her hood down nervously.] Anything you want to... um... tell us?
Raven Queen: I can't believe the speed spell I cast on your sneakers actually worked!
Kitty Cheshire: What?
Raven Queen: I'll show you. [She casts the spell on Kitty's shoes.]
Kitty Cheshire: [She runs around uncontrollably.] No! Hey! Oh! Ah! Ah!
Cerise Hood: Raven, thanks.
Kitty Cheshire: Reow!
Raven Queen: Don't worry Kitty, it'll wear off! [To Cerise.] ...eventually. ‘“ The girls giggle.”’