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In the castleteria, Ashlynn is sitting with Hunter and the Rebels.
Ashlynn Ella: Hey, this salad totally reminds me, we're having a sale at the Glass Slipper!
Hunter Huntsman: How does salad remind you of—
Ashlynn Ella: You're cute. [She holds a finger out.] So, who wants to go shopping after school?
Raven Queen: Sure!
Cerise Hood: I'm in.
Cedar Wood: Ohh...I can't! 'Cause I entered the Royal's beauty pageant, but I didn't want to tell you guys, 'cause I thought you'd think it's silly, [Puts her hands on her hips and continues speaking confidently.] but I love spellebrating being awesome, empowered girls.
Raven Queen: Oh, ho-ho, [She puts her hand on Cedar's shoulder.] it's not silly, Cedar! I say go for it!

In the charmitorium, the White Queen is lecturing Apple and Briar, along with Cedar in preparation for the pageant.
White Queen: Bigger smile, Ms. White! Bigger Ms. Beauty! Cheshire big, Ms. Wood! [She puts her fingers on her cheeks and forces it bigger.]
Cedar Wood: My cheeks are hurting!
White Queen: Beauty is not always pretty!

Apple, Briar and Cedar all walk in a straight formation. Cedar is tagging behind because of the shoes she is wearing.
Cedar Wood: Oh, these shoes are so uncomfortable! How are we supposed to walk in them? [Topples over.] Huh...whoa!
White Queen: Gracefully, my dear! [She holds a finger out as Cedar stands back up with her face hidden in a tuba.]

She paces past the three girls.
White Queen: For the debate portion of the pageant, the topic will be... Why is looking good more important than, well, anything?
Cedar Wood: Now, wait just a splinter! I thought this pageant was about what it means to be a beautiful girl! [She steps forward.] Not painful shoes!

Apple glances down. Not silly smiles! Apple touches her face. Real stuff! Like being smart, and graceful, and—whoa! [She trips and falls onto a drum, but bounces back.] —and-and the beauty inside of us!

Apple White: [Worriedly.] She's right!

Apple is in the student lounge, flipping through her album of the many beauty contests she's won.
Cedar Wood: Apple, I'm, well, I'm sorry for what I said at the rehearsal.
Apple White: Why? You told the truth. [She puts her album down and Cedar sits next to her.] But you made me realize the pageant doesn't spellebrate what being beautiful is really all about. [Stands up.]
Cedar Wood: So...what could we do?
Apple White: [Turns around.] We re-invent the contest!
Cedar Wood: You mean like, change the debate, make it about being awesome, empowered girls?
Apple White: Isn't that where real beauty comes from? [The two of them smile and hold hands.]

Apple White: True beauty means living every day at our best, and never forgetting that each of us is special [Winks to Cedar, who winks back.] in our own enchanting way.
White Queen: That was...beautiful! Does our judge have a winner?
Daring Charming: I've thought long and hard, and, and I choose me. [Gestures to himself.] Ho-ho-ho, whoa! [He trips and falls offstage.]
Students: [Cheering.]

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