The Swan Queen also known as Odette is the previous main character from "The Swan Lake" and also the mother of Duchess Swan. She is also called the "White Swan"




Von Rothbart curses her and her friends to become swans during the day and become human at night. She is proclaimed the Swan Queen by her fellow swans and they remain on the lake for years. Their only salvation is if one of them forms a bond of unending love and swears a vow of everlasting love. If the vow is broken, they will remain swans forever. One day, she falls in love with a prince when he discovers her true form. He returns her feelings and he vows to save her. He invites her to his ball but everything takes a turn for the worse.

Von Rothbart sends his daughter, Odile the evil Black Swan disguised as Swan Queen to the ball. The prince falls for the trick and unknowingly breaks his vow dooming Odette. The prince follows her to the lake and pleads for her forgiveness, but now she is stuck in swan form until the sun goes down and returns to herself again.


The White Swan is humble, modest and vulnerable. Unlike her daughter, she is very graceful and gentle.

She was a beautiful princess, but now she is stuck in white swan form during the day.



She lives with her mother, and is the mother of Duchess Swan


She falls in love with a prince, but he breaks his vow, dooming her to remain a swan at daytime.

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