Thronecoming - Duchess is overjoyed

Swan Lake is a ballad composed by Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky in 1875-76. It is based on the story by German author Johann Karl August Musaus.

The Fairy Tale

The evil wizard Von Rothbart curses the princess Odette and her friends to become swans during the day and become human at night. Odette is proclaimed the Swan Queen by her fellow swans and they remain on the lake for years. Their only salvation is if one of them forms a bond of unending love and swears a vow of everlasting love. If the vow is broken, they will remain swans forever. One day, Odette falls in love with prince Siegfried when he discovers her true form. He returns her feelings and he vows to save her. He invites her to his ball but everything takes a turn for the worse.

Rothbart sends his daughter, the evil Odile disguised as Odette to the ball. Siegfried falls for the trick and unknowingly breaks his vow dooming Odette. Siegfried follows Odette to the lake and pleads for her forgiveness. She forgives him but she has chosen to die to escape Rothbart's spell. Siegfried chooses to die as well and the lovers are reunited in heaven. This act inspires the other swans to rise up and defeat Rothbart which liberates the swans and breaks their curse.

Ever After High's Version

  • Odette doesn't die but remains a swan forever.


The Swan Queen : Duchess Swan

Siegfried: Unknown

Von Rothbart: Unknown

Odile: Unknown